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ButtKicker vs Aura Pro

The ultimate battle of the bass. We review these two cult shakers side by side: can there be only one survivor?


Comparison chart

An easy to read comparison chart of my favorite bass shakers to help you make the right decision.

Bass shaker reviews

Which bass shaker is right for you?

Updated 9 January 2014

Here are my bass shaker reviews to help you make the right decision for your home. In my opinion, all of these bass shakers are great, but they each have different positives and negatives. It just depends on what you want from your bass shaker. For example, a cheapie like the Aura is the perfect choice to quietly and subtly enhance your experience. In other instances, nothing will do but the the more expensive but powerful ButtKicker. And if you have the cash, you might want to turn your attention to the top of the range Clark transducers.

There is no wrong choice of bass shaker: there's only the right choice for you.

We have reviewed our favorite bass shakers, with particular emphasis on how they'll work in your home. Whatever you choose, you're in for a great ride!

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The ButtKicker is a cult favorite among bass enthusiasts. Read my review.

The Bass Shaker Gamer pictured above is a cult favorite for gamers worldwide. Read my review.

Aura Bass Shaker Review


The Aura Bass Shaker lacks range and power, but you get subtle magic at a low price.

ButtKicker Reviews



Responsive and powerful, this ButtKicker might be the answers to your deepest desires. 

Clark Synthesis Reviews


Clark Synthesis has a range of exy but sexy tactile transducers, that do things you might not expect!


Side note: who is the "best" manufacturer?

I'm often asked, "Who makes the best bass shakers?" In my opinion, there isn't ONE single best manufacturer. Most bass shakers on the market are well made and robust. Maybe those in the sound industry are like the rest of us geeks: they really do just want to make great sound.

So how do you choose between shakers? It's all about what YOU want from your shaker. That's why the impartial reviews below are less "review" and more "overview". We love all bass shakers, but understand that they each have their good points and their bad. We'll share the good, the bad and the ugly - and hope they help you in your search for the perfect bass shaker for you. 

We've also created a side-by-side comparison table which is very helpful: check it out here.


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