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Here is my useful bass shaker comparison table: it helps you see at a glance the difference between shakers. It's important to note that just because a shaker (like the Aura) might have less oomph than a ButtKicker, that doesn't mean it won't be the right shaker for you. Read my reviews to learn more - and enjoy researching the coolest gadget around!

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Jerry's bass shaker comparison table

Compare my favorite bass shakers side-by-side.

NOTE: Don't forget your amplifier! Bass shakers need an amplifier.
My pick of the best bass shaker amplifiers is at the bottom of this table.


  Aura Bass Shaker ButtKicker LFE Clark Synthesis Platinum Clark Synthesis Gold Clark Synthesis Silver
What's it look like?


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Retail price






Online price (usually heaps cheaper)

Check online prices
(Don't pay more than $50.)

Check online prices
(aim for under $250)

Check online prices
(don't pay more than $560)

Check online prices
(aim for around $370)

Check online prices
(try to get it for under $165)

 1 year  1 year 2 years (or 6 months for commercial use)  2 years (or 6 months for commercial use) 2 years (or 6 months for commercial use) 

Tactile Force (peak) in lb-ft

The amount of shake at those big moments in movies and games.

 30  216 932  378 297

LOW END Usable frequency response, in Hz

The lowest range of sound that the bass shaker can turn into "shake". The human ear hears from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

 20 Hz  5 Hz  5 Hz  10 Hz  15 Hz

HIGH END Usable frequency response

The highest sound the  shaker can turn into "shake". Not really important: you'll probably want to tweak your amp so only low sounds go to your shakers.
 80 Hz 200 Hz 800 Hz  800 Hz  800 Hz

Max (peak) power handling

The total amount of power the shaker can handle in short bursts (e.g. if a song gets really loud for a second).
 100 watts 1500 watts

400 watts

400 watts  350 watts

RMS Power handling

The average power the shaker can handle (this is more important than the Max or Peak power.)

50 watts

ButtKicker people say that the product can handle a range of power easily.

160 watts 135 watts 100 watts

Resonant frequency (fs)

The frequency at which the shaker shakes. The lower the frequency, the better the deep bass response.

 40 Hz 9 Hz Linear motor: no need for fs  Linear motor: no need for fs  Linear motor: no need for fs

Nominal impedance (ohms)

Consider this when choosing your amp, or when wiring your shakers in series or parallel.

 4 ohms  4 ohms  4 ohms 4 ohms 4 ohms
Dimensions 8" Diameter x 2.25" High 5.375" W x 5.5" H x 5.375" Diameter inches  8" Diameter x 2.25" High  8" Diameter x 2.25" High   8" Diameter x 2.25" High

Don't forget your amp! Recommended amplification (watts) per shaker

All shakers need an amp. You can't go too far wrong if you get an amp that has this amplification.



400 - 1500

125 - 150


 125 - 150

75 - 100


My pick of bass shaker amplifiers

I use the Dayton Audio 100W Subwoofer Amplifier to power two shakers.

The ButtKicker BKA1000-N Power Amplifier can power two shakers. Or you can use the amp that comes with the ButtKicker BK-LFE Kit

    This works with the Dayton Audio 100W Subwoofer Amplifier.


Reviews of our favorite shakers

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