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Betty Boom's Movie Reviews

All the movies with BIG bass sounds!

Oh, yeah, loud and proud and brand-spankin' new: over the next year I'm going to spend every Thursday reviewing a movie with BIG bass sound. 

So far, I've only reviewed a handful of films, but do stay tuned - or even better drop me your email address and I'll let you know the minute I write about a new flick every Thursday. You can subscribe over to the right there....

We'll definitely not agree on everything (heads up: I loved "Cloverfield, hated "War of the Worlds"), but all the movies you see here will make your bass shakers and subwoofers weep with joy.

Obviously, just coz a movie has great sound doesn't mean it's a great film (*cough* "War of the Worlds".)  But everything will rock your sound system and shake your couch, so that ain't nuffin.

Stay deep

    Betty Boom



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