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Iron Man 2



Does this movie have great bass?  

Metal on metal, electrical surges, excessive gunfire: there's more than enough deep delights in this flick to mollify your hotshot home theater.

Best test scene for bass shakers and subwoofer

IMHO, there's one scene in particular that really rocks: it's near the end when, out of silence, a drone shoots down from the night sky and lands with a resounding clang near Tony Stark. Then another drone falls, then another.

Each thud is resonant with bass, and then when the drone invasion is complete, a pounding drum beat kicks in to take up the intensity of the bass. Immediately, you're treated to a fight scene of dynamic glory, with high blackboard-sharp tinny squeals underscored by a galloping discord of gunfire, rocket launchers, heavy fists puncturing armour, and exploding drones.

Metallic and Marvel-ous: with the right sound system, it feels as if your room is being torn apart. 

Should I consider it for my weekend movie marathon?

This is one of those films that continually asks, "You want some entertainment with your entertainment? How about a side of entertainment with that?"

I bought this film on Blu-Ray recently because I had just seen (and loved) the Avengers, and I craved more Marvel goodness. So I got me paws on it, and the GF and I settled down on Friday night on the Couch of Shaking Awesomeness, knowing we weren't going to be disappointed.    
Yes, all right, it's screamingly Hollywood, it's ridiculously big budget, but after a big week at work, sometimes all you want to do buy your ticket on the Marvel express.

And with the laconic Robert Downey Jr in the main role, the Iron Man films "breathe" more than their more tightly wound superhero cousins. I'm Australian, and we Aussies are serious about NOT taking ourselves too seriously: Iron Man has the ability to pull back from those Hollywood moments that make the Aussie in me want to spew (please see "War of the Worlds").

If forced to be negative, there ARE some fuzzy storylines. I loooovvvved the first scene where curvalicious Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) appears, and Stark whispers to Pepper "I want one". But Natasha's raison d'etre confused the heck out of me. For example, we're told she works "in legal", but then in the next scene she's serving Stark a martini like a cocktail waitress. Am I missing something here? Let me know in the comments. (And if I can be allowed a side-gripe: Natasha asks Stark if the martini is "dirty enough for you" even though she makes it with lemon! Outrageous!)

Things get easier when Natasha reveals her true identity, but it's still a bit fuzzy. And I didn't love that Stark gets hijacked to a secure location, and is read the riot act about trying to escape, and then suddenly he's back home and there's no real explanation of how he got there.   

But any small plot holes fade into insignificance against the irreverent and delicious scriptwriting. The impromptu-style dialogue counterpoints the massive scale action with mesmerising confidence. With all that money flying around in special effects, it takes genius and balls to keep the dialogue light. At first I gave all credit to Robert Downey Jr, but then I saw Downey floundering in the latest Sherlock, and I've widened the spotlight of my respect to director Jon Favreau. (Fun fact: Favreau directed both Iron Man movies, but did you know he also played Monica's billionaire boyfriend on Friends? Gotta love IMDB.)

Compare the style of Iron Man with "The Dark Knight". Although there's LOTS to love about TDK, the dialogue is very heavy. Attempts at lightness are few, and flat.  For example, when a wannabe says to Batman: "What's the difference between you and me?", Batman whisper-growls, "I don't wear hockey pads."  

Compare this to the sharp, shimmering, self-referential, slightly subversive one-liners in Iron Man. To the judge: "I've successfully privatized world peace!",  or re the Avengers, "I don't want to join your super-secret boy band". I know, I know: Iron Man and Batman are very different people! Iron Man is a billionaire playboy who saves the world, while Batman is a billionaire playboy who ... oh.
This is entertainment on smack. Do your home theater a favour and get this film on HD or Blu-Ray. (And don't forget the fabbo extra after the credits!)

Stay deep
Betty Boom


Facts and figures

Stars: Robert Downey Jr, Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johannson
Year: 2010
Format: Blu-Ray DVD
Directed by: John Favreau
Written by: John Favreau
Comic by: Stan Lee (and others)



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 IMHO, the best scene for bass shakers. You just wait.


I watched Iron Man 2 on Blu-Ray.


Curva-licious but confusing Natasha

Curvalicious but confusing Natasha.