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Aura vs ButtKicker

We put the humble Aura Bass Shaker to the test against the big, bad ButtKicker.


How to install bass shakers

How to attach bass shakers under your couch or in your gaming chair.


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 All my favorite shakers side-by-side, compared for power, performance and price



Bass shaker: the best home theater gadget

Welcome! This site is dedicated to my favorite gadget - the bass shaker.

I've reviewed my three top bass shakers: the Aura Pro, the ButtKickers and the full range of Clark Synthesis bass shakers.

There's also a handy comparison table where you can compare prices and specs, as well as find the best bass shaker amplifiers. There are also how-to-guides to get you started.

Stay deep!



Aura Bass Shaker Review


The Aura Bass Shaker gives you subtle magic at a low price. Also, read our tip for the best Aura Bass Shaker amplifier.





ButtKicker Reviews



ButtKicker reviews, including the world-famous ButtKicker LFE and, for die-hard gamers, the clever ButtKicker gamer.



Clark Synthesis Review


Clark Synthesis has a range of exy but sexy tactile transducers, that do things you might not expect!

What is a bass shaker?



  Bass shakers bring sound to life.



Easy comparison guide

looking for bass shakers

Compare price, performance and power.

How to install bass shakers


The best D.I.Y project: here's the easy way.

Why bass shakers? 

A gadget for those of us who feel sound

Not sure what a bass shaker is? Find out here

Bass shakers turn SFX in movies and games into vibrations you can feel. Many people ask: why is that important?

Because, as most of us home theater geeks know, we experience sound physically.

In the real world, the low rumble of an plane, the explosion of fireworks, the beating of a heart are felt in our flesh and bones. And who among us has not felt it at concerts, when the deep bass of the drum seems to pound inside your own ribcage. 

Bass shakers make your home theater literally come to life: they give reality to movies, games and music. Every gunshot, every engine rev, every explosion: a shaker makes you feel as if you are inside the action. 

One final thought

I always felt there was 'something missing' in my home theater. I always craved - more - and didn't know what it was.

When I finally discovered bass shakers, they pushed my home theater experiences into the three-dimensional texturized reality I'd been craving. Someone once told me I experience the world kinaesthetically (through touch). Often, the kinaesthetic sense is overlooked in favour of the visual and aural. But maybe you're like me: you like to feel the world, through touch, action and immersion. If so, the bass shaker is the answer.

So that's all from me! Thanks for finding my site: feel free to explore and share your love of the best home theater gadget around.

Jerry Toga

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